We are 3RB

3ROUNDBURST is a fully integrated production and design studio. We believe that passion fuels creativity and we specialize in bringing a unique visual style to our projects and infusing a fresh look into branding and entertainment strategies.
Our dynamic team of producers, directors, animators and designers compose the artistic collective who will bring your idea from inception to fruition.

From spots and promos to long-format shows, 3RB delivers effective content that consistently exceeds the client’s expectations. By shooting on the most up-to-date HD cameras and employing crews with thorough knowledge on the latest trends and gear, the result is a product that satisfies both the client and the creative team behind the effort.

Recent Productions

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It’s been called many things: Filming. Recording. Taping. Capturing. Those behind the lenses have many names: Filmmakers. Directors. Cinematographers. But whether using 35mm or the latest HD camera, it all comes together at the call of “action”.


The invisible art of storytelling; it builds something out of nothing. It forges worlds. And destroys them. It kills characters. And brings them back to life. It makes time travel possible. It creates experiences and stirs emotions. It can even change the way you think. It allows you to transcend the picture and makes you believe.


It’s not just about colors or graphics or art direction. It’s about the process. It’s envisioning a different future. Discovering a new species. Building an alternate universe. Conceiving the next visual trend. It’s designing a piece of art that creates a completely original experience that you’ve never felt before, in cinema or in life.